Natural condition



Ca Mau is a delta with many rivers and canals, low terrain, flat and often flooded. Average height of 0,5m to 1,5m above sea level. The terrain direction is inclined from north to south, from northeast to southwest. The local low-lying areas of Thoi Binh and Ca Mau connecting Phuoc Long, Hong Dan and Gia Rai (Bac Lieu) in the central lowland area of ​​Ca Mau Peninsula have relation of the ancient river bed topography. U Minh and Tran Van Thoi sunken areas are inland “hanging basins” which are limited by the natural dykes of the river system of Ong Doc, Cai Tau, Trem and high promontories along the West coast. This hanging area stays water all year round and becomes swampy. Most of the land in Ca Mau is a young land due to silt deposition, accumulated over many years, very fertile and suitable for aquaculture, rice cultivation, mangrove and brackish forest …

Model of rice – shrimp combination. Photo: Huynh Lam

The east coast from the mouth of the Ganh Hao river (Dam Doi district) to the area of ​​Rach Goc river (Ngoc Hien district) has been eroded, sometimes over 20 meters a year. In contrast, Bai Boi Mui Ca Mau area is filled with sediments every year from 50 to 80 meters.

Ca Mau mangrove forest. Photo: Thanh Dung