In recent years, Japan has always held its position as one of the leading trading partners of Vietnam. Vietnam’s exports to Japan have achieved many positive results but the geographical area from Japan is still very large and this will also be a potential land area to help Vietnam’s export continue to grow, especially at present. Vietnam and Japan are both members of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

Implementing the National Program on Trade Promotion approved by the Minister of Industry and Trade in Decision No. 3837 / QD-BCT of December 25, 2019, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency coordinates with relevant agencies Organization of “Commercial Transaction Delegation in Japan”, specifically as follows:

1. Objectives: To support Vietnamese organizations, localities and enterprises in promoting trade, seeking import, export and investment opportunities with Japan.

2. Scale: About 20 agencies, organizations and enterprises

3. Estimated time: From May 10 to May 16, 2020 (Detailed program attached).

4. Location: In Hokkaido and Tokyo, Japan.

5. Categories: Multidisciplinary (priority is given to supporting industries, mechanics, manufacturing, textiles, footwear, household appliances, consumer goods, agricultural products, food, etc.).

6. Participants: Enterprises of all economic sectors, business and investment support organizations (Trade Promotion Centers, commodity associations), industrial parks, export processing zones, representatives ministries, branches and localities.

7. Criteria for selecting participating enterprises: (1) Production and business capacity of enterprises; (2) The capacity of international trade transactions of personnel joining the delegation; (3) The industry is suitable for the purpose of the Youth Union Program; (4) Objectives of participating in the Union of enterprises; (5) Registration documents to be submitted on time.

8. Content of the Delegation’s expected agenda

– Organizing Vietnam – Japan Business Forums in combination with business trading programs in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

– Working with a number of manufacturing, importing and potential investors in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

– Research the market, explore distribution systems in Hokkaido and Tokyo.

9. Costs

a) State support for enterprises participating in the Union program

– Each enterprise is selected to join the Delegation (with the production and export business capacity, with the goal of promoting the export of goods from Vietnam and Japan, the personnel participating in the Delegation are capable of national trade transactions. Internationally, the airline will submit 01 flight ticket for the Hanoi / TP journey. Ho Chi Minh – Japan – Hanoi / TP. Ho Chi Minh City for 01 representative of the enterprise and some expenses for organizing trade programs as prescribed in the Circular No. 171/2014 / TT-BCT dated November 14, 2014 of the Ministry of Finance.

– Other expenses borne by the enterprise.

– In addition, businesses that are selected to join the Delegation, after finishing the program, the Union will continue to be supported by the Department of Trade Promotion to connect with potential Japanese partners (if any), providing services. evaluation of partners, consulting on foreign trade contract … on demand.

b) For other cases (other than enterprises in the support group mentioned in Section 9a): Participants shall bear all expenses for joining the Union.

c) Deposit costs

– Each enterprise participates in a deposit of VND 20 million / person after receiving a notice of deposit request to join the Trade Promotion Department’s Delegation.

– Payment method of deposit payment is as follows:

+ For businesses that have fulfilled their registration obligations but are not allowed to participate in the Union, they will be refunded 100% of the deposit.

+ For businesses that have completed their obligations regarding the registration procedure and have been selected to join the delegation but withdrawn from participating after March 31, 2020, no deposit will be refunded. use this deposit to serve the cost of organizing the Union.

+ For businesses that have completed their obligations regarding the registration procedure, have been selected to join the Union, have submitted all applications for visas to countries in the Union program but have not been granted visas Organizers will refund 100% of the deposit.

+ For businesses that have joined the Union, strictly comply with the provisions of the Organizing Committee will be refunded the deposit after finishing the Union program.

10. Obligations of agencies and enterprises joining the Union

– Complete the registration dossier for Union participation and strictly implement the rules and regulations of the Union Organizing Committee.

– After finishing the Union, within 10 days:

+ Agencies and enterprises participating in the Delegation must send result reports (according to the set form) to the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency.

+ For enterprises of the supported groups, they must send in writing the request for passport ticket support page 01, the page of the visa to enter Japan and the page with the stamp of entry and exit in Vietnam and Japan ( photocopies), boarding passes in Vietnam, Japan, invoices, airline tickets to the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency.

11. Requirements for registration documents to join the Union

– Business registration certificate, establishment license (true copy or stamp of the unit).

– Application to join the Union (Form 1 attached).

– Registration form for the list of personnel involved in the delegation (Form 2 attached).

12. Registration deadline

Monday, March 23, 2020. Due to the limited number of businesses supported, the Vietnam Trade Promotion Agency will officially notify enterprises after the list of participating enterprises is approved.

Agencies and enterprises that are interested in, request to send documents to:

Department of Trade Promotion

Address: 7th Floor, 20 Ly Thuong Kiet, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

Phone: 024. 39364792 (ext 111 or 117); Fax: 024. 39369493

Email: or

Contact: Ms. Phuong Trang (093.676.0000) or Ms. Bui Thuy (0904.413.575) ./.

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