As of early 2017, the population of Ca Mau Province was 1.223.191, with 613.042 males and 610.149 females; a total of 290.846 households.

Laborers participate in direct interviews to find jobs at job sessions conducted by the Ca Mau Employment Service Center. Photo: Ngoc Thu.

Of which: In urban areas, there are 69.015 households, with 276.385 people. In rural areas, there are 221.831 households, with 946.806 people.

Birth rate 14,55 permille. Mortality rate 4,95 permille. The natural population growth rate is 0.96%. The birth rate decreases by 0,02%.

In addition to the direct interview area, workers can find jobs through the Internet environment. Photo: Ngoc Thu.

Training, retraining and vocational training have been increasingly expanded, all districts and cities have vocational training centers, many manufacturing enterprises have actively participated in vocational training and vocational training for labor.

Ca Mau Vietnam – Korea Vocational College is investing in modern vocational training equipment. Photo: Ngoc Thu.

In recent years, Ca Mau province has invested, implemented many programs and projects on vocational training and achieved many important results. In 2016, jobs were created for 40.359 people. The proportion of trained workers (excluding vocational transmission) accounted for 37,7%. Labor utilization structure 100%.

Residents of Mui Ca Mau. Photo: Huynh Lam.

Currently, the number of employees working in the province is reduced due to the situation of production and business in local enterprises still faces many difficulties. The coordination of vocational training associated with job creation between vocational training institutions and local authorities and enterprises is limited, so a number of vocational trainees cannot find suitable jobs in the locality. Although the results of job creation have increased over the same period, but the unemployed, registered unemployment benefits about 4.783 people, an increase of 15,6% over the same period last year.

The labor structure by sector is still mainly agriculture and fisheries. Educational level, industry, training level, reaching the regional average. Ca Mau’s practices, farming experience and occupational skills accumulated over generations are quite good compared to other provinces, especially labor skills in aquaculture, fishing, and growing rice.


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