Ca Mau is a province located in the Mekong Delta region, the natural conditions bearing the characteristics of the Southern Delta region, with many rivers, lagoons and flooded forest ecosystems, of which many Rare birds and animals. Ca Mau has great potential for eco-tourism and island tourism, with attractive destinations such as Khai Long Beach, Hon Khoai and Hon Da Bac island groups. Especially Mui Ca Mau – is a sacred and proud place in every Vietnamese soul. Along with the North, East and West poles of Vietnam, the last point of the South Pole is Ca Mau, as Vietnamese people want to visit those 4 points at least once in their lifetime.

Ca Mau Cape. Photo: Thanh Dung

Especially, the system of Mui Ca Mau mangrove forest along with U Minh Ha cajuput forest has been recognized as a world biosphere reserve by UNESCO. In 2013, Mui Ca Mau National Park was recognized as the 20th Ramsar site in the world. This is an invaluable asset that nature bestowed on Ca Mau. That forest system is like a lung for air conditioning for the Mekong Delta region and for Southeast Asia as well.

In order to exploit the strengths of tourism in the sea, islands and natural forests, along with the favorable natural advantages for Ca Mau Cape, the southwestern waters of the Gulf of Thailand (A smooth, endless sandy beach is a beach. Khai Long, Khai Long hamlet, Dat Mui commune). This place has just been connected to Nam Can town, by Ho Chi Minh route more than 51 km long.

To accelerate tourism development projects that are attractive and sustainable, make a difference in tourism products, community-based ecotourism, in order to attract tourists. Ca Mau Province is trying to encourage organizations, individuals, businesses and domestic and foreign investors to invest in the tourism sector with many incentives and advantages for first-time investors. .

Community tourism in Ca Mau Photo: Nam Son

In addition, the development of services in general, community-based ecotourism in particular, the accommodation facilities are also growing, meeting the needs of tourists and attracting homes. domestic and foreign investment. Ca Mau city has also established a system of restaurants, hotels and a bird sanctuary in the heart of the city to create a closeness to nature and become an ideal weekend getaway and destination for business people and travelers everywhere.

In addition, recognizing the potential of developing tourism in general and eco-tourism in particular … accommodation facilities have also been formed to meet the needs of tourists and investors. Ca Mau City has established a system of restaurants, hotels and a large bird sanctuary close to nature, creating the ideal weekend attractions and rest for businessmen and tourists from near and far.

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