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Education and training of the province has always been paid special attention and guidance of Party committees and local authorities. Facilities for education – training have been upgraded and expanded, the quality of education and training of students according to disciplines and levels have positive changes; the situation of school dropouts due to difficult transportation has been overcome, in addition, the province has issued a project to build 1.588 rural traffic bridges and financial support for poor rural students has since contributed positively to the socio-economic development in general and the provincial educational development in particular.

School in rural Ca Mau. Photo: Huynh Lam.

For education and training, units and schools in the province constantly innovate teaching and learning methods, renovate methods of testing and evaluating educational quality; interested in reforming administrative procedures, such as reducing unnecessary books and forms, abolishing many cumbersome procedures and reducing time to return the results of some types of procedures.

Students participate in Provincial Gymnastics and Sports Games. Photo: Huynh Lam.

The investment in facilities and equipment of national standard schools is focused on implementation. By the beginning of 2017, Ca Mau province had 246/543 schools meeting national standards, accounting for 45%.

By May 2016, Ca Mau province recognized 100/101 communes, wards and towns, accounting for 99%; 9/9 districts and cities were recognized for universalizing preschool education for 5-year-old children, reaching the rate of 100%.

Ca Mau Province is continuing to review and organize the school network, plan to delete individual schools; The education sector has completed recruitment and staff recruitment examinations, is currently strengthening the arrangement of teachers, in the immediate future, to transfer teachers from redundant to deficient places, to continue contracting teachers out of staff assigned to ensure the number of teachers in class as prescribed.

Schools – training institutions in the province:

– Ca Mau School of Politics.

– Binh Duong University – Ca Mau.

– Ton Duc Thang University – Ca Mau.

– Community colleges.

– Medical College.

– Technical – Economic Intermediate School.

– Vietnam – Korea Vocational College Ca Mau.