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By 2017, the total area of ​​concentrated forests in Ca Mau province has 92.360 ha, accounting for 77% of the forests of the Mekong Delta region, the rate of forest cover and scattered trees is 24,5%, mainly flooded forest. Ca Mau has 3 main forest types:

Mui Ca Mau National Park. Photo: Huynh Lam.

– Freshwater flooded forest (mangrove forests) have an area of ​​54.653 ha. Concentrating in districts of Ngoc Hien, Nam Can, Dam Doi and Phu Tan.

– Brackish flooded forest (U Minh cajuput forest) has a total area of ​​37.707 ha. Concentrating in districts of U Minh, Tran Van Thoi and Thoi Binh.

– In addition, there are 710 ha of forest on Hon Khoai island cluster, Hon Chuoi and Hon Da Bac, with many kinds of valuable timber and animals living under the forest canopy.

U Minh Ha National Park. Photo: Huynh Lam.

Mui Ca Mau National Park, U Minh Ha National Park and the West Sea protection forest have been recognized by UNESCO as the world’s biosphere reserve. In particular, Mui Ca Mau National Park was recognized as the Ramsar area of ​​the world in 2013. Currently this area is being actively conserved and preserved forest ecosystems.

Intensive afforestation is increasingly developing, currently in the U Minh Ha area, intensive cultivation has been about 16.000 ha; Of which, there are about 8.000 ha of acacia hybrid forest and 8.500 ha of melaleuca forests. The effect has been very positive, stimulating people to participate in crop conversion and reforestation models; At the same time, contributing to limiting forest fires.

Annual forest exploitation is based on the approved plan. In 2016, the area of ​​forest exploitation reached over 2.614 ha (including mangrove and melaleuca forests), reaching 65,15% of the licensed area, with 261.328 cubic m of wood and firewood, accounting for 55,54% of the granted output. allowed. Thereby, providing materials for the processing industry of household wood, plywood, particle board, laminated wood, wood pellets. Song Trem forestry – fishery (now U Minh Ha forestry one-member Co., Ltd.) and Ca Mau Wood Processing Import-Export Co., Ltd. produce and supply over 20 market items of household wood and assembled wooden logs for export, wood pellets and 4.000 products including items such as office tables and chairs, restaurants, schools, home furnishings and many handicrafts.

Nursery Photo: Huynh Lam.

Currently, some businesses in the province invest in afforestation (mainly acacia hybrid); to build a factory to process wood and compressed wood for export in Khanh An commune, U Minh district.

In addition to the effective exploitation of forest resources, the province attaches importance to protecting world biosphere reserves, national parks, Ramsar zones, conservation areas and protection forests. The province has implemented a new mechanism for forest and forest management in the direction of land allocation and contracting to households. For melaleuca forest, mangrove forest is transformed from harvesting to tending, thinning, protecting and planting.

In the saltwater flooded forest area, forest owners have well cooperated with enterprises to implement certified organic shrimp farming model under the forest canopy, so far, about 20.000 ha have been implemented. At the same time, some models of forest protection in combination with raising snails, oysters, etc. have been implemented quite well, increasing income sources for contractors to manage and protect forests, limiting violations on forests.

The management, protection and care of forests and forest fire prevention and fighting plans are interested in implementing the motto 04 on the spot, basically meeting the requirements and minimizing the occurrence of forest fires.

Forest – shrimp model combined. Photo: Huynh Lam.

In the coming time, Ca Mau province promotes sustainable and stable forestry development, enhances the efficiency of forest resources utilization based on the application of scientific and technical advances, gradually increasing the proportion of forestry in agro-forestry structure. In the immediate future, Ca Mau province cooperates with investors to plant 25.000 ha of forests (mainly acacia and melaleuca) at U Minh Ha Forestry One Member Co., Ltd. Thereby, in order to create favorable conditions for forest owners to take the initiative in signing cooperation contracts on investment in afforestation, management, protection, care of forests and well exploiting the province’s potentials and advantages./