With 70% of the population and labor in the province focusing on fisheries, agriculture and forestry. After many years of conclusion, these fields are still the strength of Ca Mau, so the province continues to focus on developing and encouraging businesses and people to apply new science and technology in agricultural production.

To carry out the transition and develop agricultural economy successfully. Ca Mau intends to develop in depth, increase output, quality of goods per unit of production, develop key products of the agricultural sector according to each comprehensive product chain based on the key products as shrimp, rice, planted forests, fishing products, livestock products … Applying new scientific and technological achievements to all fields of cultivation, farming, prioritizing investment in building center of high quality seedlings and promote the transfer of technical progress. Encourage the development of cooperative economy, linking production with consumption of agricultural products, building large fields according to the value chain. Reorganize production in fishing to suit each job group and each fishing ground in order to improve the efficiency and income of fishermen.

Rice harvesting is mechanized. Photo: Huynh Lam.

Make the best use of resources inside and outside the province, even foreign investment to build a comprehensive, sustainable and efficient agricultural industry, in which aquaculture, aquaculture and fishery production are especially important. spearheaded. Supply enough seafood products to supply stable raw materials for export processing industry in factories, stabilize the area and rice output to balance the food demand in the province, protect and develop forest fund. Striving to achieve an average growth rate of about 4% / year in the agriculture and forestry fishery in the period of 2016-2020, the average growth rate in the period of 2021 – 2025 will be about 3.8% / year, the period of 2026 – 2030 average about 3.7% / year. The average production value at current prices per hectare of agricultural land by 2020 is expected to reach around VND 60 – 65 million; by 2025, about 87-95 million dong; by 2030, about 107-1115 million dong.


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