Ca Mau is the southernmost province of Vietnam, but it is also the starting point of maritime transport connecting with Southeast Asian countries (ASEAN) in the fastest way. Beyond the vast sea, Ca Mau also has many advantages to develop tourism, high quality aquaculture, forested land and seabed areas, giving Ca Mau special advantages compared to other provinces in the Mekong Delta.

Ca Mau city only. Ho Chi Minh City more than 300km, the city. Can Tho about 150km. Ca Mau is one of four provinces and cities in the Key Economic Region of the Mekong Delta. located on the southern coastal corridor of Vietnam, through Cambodia and Thailand.

Especially, in 2015, the international seaport project on Hon Khoai Island was approved by the Government to build and receive a 250,000DWT ship. Hon Khoai Port will create an important seaport route of Vietnam, helping Vietnam connect with other countries in the region such as Cambodia, the Philippines, Myanmar, Lao, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei …

Although, right on the land rich in natural resources, many advantages, but the lives of people are still limited, we are aware of the need for the true companion of business people and businesses. , thereby creating a breakthrough momentum for socio-economic development.

With over 4,000 domestic and foreign enterprises producing, trading and investing in Ca Mau. The majority of enterprises operate effectively, especially in the fields of seafood processing, aquaculture export, gas – electricity – fertilizer Ca Mau, tourism … Continuously in the last 5 years. Ca Mau exports about 600,000 tons of seafood annually to 40 countries, worth US $ 5.6 billion. Ca Mau has reached the leading position in exporting shrimp products, reaching 1.3 billion USD/year.

In the socio-economic development strategy of Ca Mau province, besides building and quickly completing infrastructure, connecting traffic, implementing administrative reform. Ca Mau resolutely eliminates administrative procedures that slow investment decision making, or slow the implementation of business plans of enterprises.

Wishing investors, businesses and individuals to reap the results of investment and business activities in Ca Mau province.

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