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Care and protection of people’s health in recent years has had positive developments, facilities serving medical examination and treatment have been interested in upgrading and expanding.

General Hospital of Ca Mau Province. Photo: Tan Diep.

The province has completed and put into operation the provincial general hospital, with a scale of 500 beds, contributing to limiting the overload and improving the quality of medical examination and treatment for people. The provincial obstetric – pediatric hospital was established and put into operation, actively contributing to maternal and child health care. The grassroots health network continues to be consolidated, so far 100% of communes and wards in the province have health stations; 100% of communes, wards and towns have doctors; 100% of health stations have midwives and obstetric nurses; 100% of hamlets and hamlets have medical staff operating … By the end of 2016, the province had an average of 11,5 doctors, university pharmacists/ten thousand people and had 26,2 beds/ten thousand people; The percentage of the population participating in health insurance reached 81.5%. By the beginning of 2017, Ca Mau province has 100% of communes, wards and towns reaching the National Criteria for commune health in the period of 2011-2020.

The socialization of health has achieved many results, many private clinics operate effectively, actively contributing to the State health system to take care of people’s health. In Ca Mau province, there are 594 private medical practice facilities; 797 pharmaceutical practice establishments; the polyclinics, private clinics, and the pharmaceutical business system have expanded widely to the countryside. Ensuring the need to provide quality health services, making an important contribution to the system of protection, care and improvement of the people’s health; reduce overcrowding at public hospitals. The inspection and supervision are conducted regularly, periodically and extraordinarily to rectify private medical and pharmaceutical practice activities; remind violating establishments and sanction them according to the provisions of law; organize monthly briefings to be provided with information, update new documents, improve knowledge, professional qualifications, participate in disease prevention and control, support of public health and promptly solve difficulties and problems in private medical and pharmaceutical practice activities.

Equipment for treatment of diseases is modernly invested. Photo: Ngoc Thu.

Health sector has been promoting health socialization through the implementation of the Law on Examination and Treatment and Circular No. 41/2011/TT-BYT dated November 14, 2011 of the Ministry of Health, encourage and create conditions to support the development of private medical and pharmaceutical practice. Reorganize and promote administrative reform and one-stop-shop mechanism with the motto “Satisfaction of people and businesses is the goal of serving state agencies”.

Hospitals in the province: – General Hospital of Ca Mau province.- Hospital of Obstetrics and Pediatrics, Ca Mau Province. – Ca Mau Rehabilitation Hospital. – Hoan My Hospital. – Provincial social disease prevention and control center. – Ca Mau City General Hospital. – Nam Can Regional General Hospital. – Dam Doi general hospital – Tran Van Thoi Regional General Hospital. – Cai Nuoc general hospital. – Phu Tan General Hospital. – Ngoc Hien General Hospital. – Thoi Binh General Hospital. – U Minh General Hospital. – MEDIC Ca Mau Hospital.